Welcome to QAL's Real-Time Online Community System [ROCS]

QAL has been here for Gladstone since 1964. Over the years Gladstone has grown and many residents and businesses are now located within just a few kilometres of the operation. Due to the age and location of the refinery, local residents may experience a number of impacts. We recognise the need to change the way we work to reduce these impacts. To achieve this outcome, we need your help.

ROCS has been designed for you to provide periodic feedback to QAL and also lodge any complaints or observations about our operation. This information will help us address your concerns and provide us data to see if the improvements we are implementing are making a difference. Click here to read about our most recent improvements.

Who is ROCS for?

ROCS has been built to help improve the communication with our neighbouring communities with the objective to build enduring relationships that are characterised by mutual respect, active partnership and long term commitment.